How is the Short-Bow different from a regular bow?

  • Allows you to sing and play unlike the regular bow
  • Very good for chording on the violin
  • Very good for relaxed posture
  • Great for staccato-like passages
  • Very good for confined spaces, i.e. tour bus, car, etc.

Is it patented?

Yes the Short-Bow was patented in 2013

How is it made and what quality can we expect?

It is very good quality. We have spent several hundred hours in the design and development of this product. The 3D printer is a very high quality printer with 20 micron resolution.  

Real or Synthetic Hair?
Regarding the hair, we currently use synthetic. We have tried both real and the synthetic and we didn't really see any advantage to real hair. The synthetic seems to grab the strings a bit more abruptly which I like because there is obviously less hair to work with.  Adequate rosining for the synthetic hair is essential.

How is 3D Technology utilized and what are the advantages?

It is just as good as any other 3D printing technology currently on the market.  It allows for us to easily make modifications to design and improve upon our product.

Check out these guys that are 3D printing the entire violin instrument with 3d technology and have executed well. Click here: http://www.3d-varius.com

Tension of the Hair?

The Short-Bow is haired with a proprietary method based on the design of the bow and how it fits together with spring tension.  The internal heavy duty custom built spring creates the set tension of the bow.  It will retain this tension ongoing.  

We have developed a prototype for an adjustable tension model with a traditional frog. It will be available soon.

Hair Replacement?

If and when string replacement is necessary, we will charge $10 plus shipping to re-hair your bow.  Currently, please send an email to shortbowllc@gmail.com if you'd like any repair or hairing work done and we will make arrangements with you.

Are there any rosin techniques different than the regular bow?

No.  Just use regular rosin as you would on a regular bow.  As in any new bow, you will have to spend a good amount of time getting the right amount of rosin to begin using the bow.  

How should I store my Short-Bow?

Store it in a cool dry place. Store it in your case if you have the room.  We do not recommending storing where heat is above 80 degrees (F).

How is it boxed and shipped?

We ship USPS 1st Class Mail in a small box approximately 3"x3"x9" that will fit in most mailboxes.  Shipping inside the United States is FREE.  Shipping internationally is $14.99.   Tracking numbers for shipping available upon request.

Shipping times?

Within in the United States:  We ship typically within 48 hours and most bows will arrive to you within 5-7 business days of the date you purchased.  Tracking numbers are available upon request.

Outside the United States:  We ship typically within 48 hours and shipping times vary between countries.  We can provide a customs number, but tracking other than this is limited on international orders.

Will it fit me? 

Most people tend to wear the Short-Bow ring on their middle finger near the top knuckle, so the small size is right for most people.

Any suggestions on getting started and transition from the original bow?

The Short-Bow is like a new instrument in a way. There is a bit of a learning curve, and we encourage our customers to embrace it whole-heartedly. Be Creative! Violin and fiddle players are typically able to pick the bow up and perform with it respectably well with an hour or less of practice time. The new handgrip and position requires a bit of initial adaptations through repetitive muscle memory that is only gained through practice and use. Within a week it should feel more comfortable than the traditional bow. 

We want to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and try this new, innovative product.