What is Short-Bow?

Short-Bow is an additional, shorter bow for violin and fiddle players.

The patented Short-Bow is a new way to play.


What can you do with Short-Bow?

EASIER RHYTHMIC TECHNIQUES - The chop on traditional bows are pretty physically rough on fiddlers due to all the leverage the bow has in the wrong direction while chopping, this alleviates that!

The ability to SING EASIER WHILE YOU PLAY! Prior to the Short-Bow, violin/ fiddle player’s vocal capability had been hindered due to the significant role of the musician’s jawbone in securing the instrument.

Allows PRACTICE IN CONFINED SPACES such as on tour buses and in the car.

Ease of playing for people with a DISABILITY OR OTHER PHYSICAL LIMITATION where tradition shoulder position is difficult

GUITAR, UPRIGHT BASS AND OTHER INSTRUMENTS TOO! Upon introducing the Short-Bow to the public, much demand has been observed from guitar players interested in special effects.


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